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iPhone X Defects with complete details

No one denies that Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most advanced and most spectacular smartphones on the market. However, the new flagship of the company of the bitten apple has some features, functions, and there are some iPhone X defects which are mention below.

In this article we will mention the things that we liked least about the iPhone X; we talk about its design, its final cost, its new tactile gestures, its additional accessories, its defects and the withdrawal of some of its functions.

Remember to participate in the comments section and social networks to share those things that you like most about the iPhone X and those things you hate about the new smartphone from the signature of the bitten apple.

There are following Main iPhone X defects:

1.Green line on Display

  • Several iPhone-X owners encountering green line along the right-hand side of the phone  due to potential hardware defect
  • But the cold is not the only disappointment of iPhone users, who also complain about a green strip that appears on the right edge of the screen.
  • One of the owners of the ‘gadget’ has indicated in a forum for ‘fans’ of Apple that the strip does not disappear or restarting the device.

iphone x

2.The display is not bright

  • One of the biggest iPhone x defects is its Brightness. Display peak brightness is 620 nits and  Samsung note 8 has  Display Brightness of 1240 nits.

iphone x

3.Plus size phone and specially made for girls

  •  Most revolutionary display with the resolution of 2436 x 1125 with the pixel density of 458 pixels/inch but this display is not so impressive as compared to Samsung note 8. Samsung note 8 is cheaper with the resolution of 2960×1440 and pixel density is 570 pixels/inch, larger screen with the 6.3-inch display.
  • Due its immense size, it is very difficult to manage in men’s Jeans Pockets but girls can easily manage it by placing it in their bags:)

iphone x

4.The inclusion of glass back

  •  The glass back is also including in the iphone x defects does give more premium feel but it does increase the chances of shattering the glass at back when fell down to the floor.

iphone x

5.Temperature Issues

  • One of the biggest iphone x defects which users are experiencing is the temperature issue. The owners of the latest iPhone X are complaining that the device is not performing as they expected. Alert two problems, the most serious of which, depending on where you live, is that the new mobile stops working at low temperatures.
  • Internet users have written on Reddit, forums and social networks that the long-awaited phone hangs and does not respond to touch when temperatures drop below zero reports Forbes magazine.
  • Apple admits the problem and in all sincerity recommends users to use their devices at temperatures between 0ºC and 35ºC to avoid temporary failures. The company has also indicated in a statement that they are aware of the contrariety, which happens when the change in temperature is rapid, and are currently working to solve it through ‘software’

iphone x

6.Touch ID Function

  • The iPhone X has such a drastic design change that the apple company has decided to remove the Touch ID function. The fingerprint sensor has been implemented in the iPhone start button of previous generations, but since the iPhone X has an OLED screen that covers the entire front, the company has not been able to implement this system. Now, iPhone X users can only use facial recognition Face ID technology (or the traditional password) to unlock their terminals.

iphone x

8.The “burn-in” effect of your OLED screen

  • The iPhone X and its OLED screen have a small defect, a defect present in all OLED screens in the market. We talk about the “burn-in” effect. This effect causes some high contrast images of the user interface to remain on the screen as a reflection when they should no longer be there. In addition, many users have complained because their tones are very blue.
  • OLED screen of the iPhone X: neither better nor worse, “but just the opposite

iphone x

9.Availability of colors

  • This, probably, is the least of the problems. And we would have loved that Apple risks more in terms of the colors available for their iPhone X models. Currently, there is only iPhone X in Silver and Space Gray colors. Would not it be great to have an iPhone X Blue Sapphire, Pink Gold or Red Passion?

iphone x defects

10.Very expensive phone ($1000+)

  • Undoubtedly, the cost of the iPhone X will be one of the main reasons why many consumers will choose to purchase another smartphone. It is available from $999+, but its price can rise to $1500+ with the storage capacity of 256 GB. Be careful, we do not say that it is not worth it, but paying such a large amount of money for a smartphone is excessive.
  • The costs of the hardware components of the iPhone X amount to $ 357. Even taking into account the processes of R & D, marketing, design and taxes, the company of the bitten apple could have adjusted a little more its price for the consumer.
  • There are most of the phones in the market with same features with half of the price.

11.Its strange upper front frame

  • It is a matter of taste and for tastes the colors. But in our opinion, the upper front frame (the ears) of the iPhone X has a horrible design. This framework is dedicated to implementing the configuration components of the FaceTime camera and the TrueDepth sensors of Face ID facial recognition technology.
  • But we are not talking about simple visual aesthetics since the frame has a direct impact on the user experience of the mobile software of the iPhone X. Its “ears” have not only prevented Apple from incorporating the percentage of the battery in the status bar of the iPhone. iOS 11, but also avoid the reproduction and/or viewing of contents in full screen.

iphone x defects

12.The additional cost of the AirPower dock

  • Apple will sell separately a dock for the wireless charging of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch and the case for AirPods. It will be called AirPower and it will start to be commercialized from 2018. So far so good. But it turns out that according to the latest rumors, this charger could cost $200+. Although this was not true and were $100+, there are still much cheaper alternatives in the market.

iphone x defects

13.The difficult balance between the total screen and Face ID

  • After 10 years with practically the same design, the iPhone X proposes a different idea for the Apple phone. Without start button and OLED screen, this is our in-depth test and review of the iPhone X after a month of use.

iphone x

14.Does not support T-mobile’s nationwide 600 Mhz spectrum.

iphone x defects

15.His new and convoluted tactile gestures

  • As Apple has finally removed the iconic Home button from the iPhone X, now the terminal requires other types of touch gestures and button combinations for certain functions. But some of these tactile gestures are really convoluted and complex. For example, to move to the App Switcher (Multitasking) you have to slide your finger from below and make a movement in the form of an arc. Too complicated.


16.Not enough storage

  • Even at the very high price and with the number of iPhone x defects, there is no more space to store your videos HD photos its just 64GB.

17.No wireless charging.


18.The switch does work as it should but its very very tight to get it to go.


For more knowledge about iphone x defects please watch this video.

Thanks for reading this article about iPhone x defects.

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