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Hoverboard Price in Pakistan with full specifications

Short description about Hoverboard(Self-balancing scooter)

A self-balancing two-wheeled table is a portable, rechargeable battery vehicle. It consists of two wheels joined by two small platforms which have an internal balance mechanism on which the user is standing. And the Hoverboard Price in Pakistan is very low with great fun. The device is controlled by the user’s feet through sensors and a gyroscopic system integrated into the platforms. The vehicle was launched in China and became popular in the United States after numerous celebrities were seen using the device in 2015. There is no universally accepted name for the device since its various names are attributable to the companies that distribute the product and not to its Chinese manufacturers.

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How does it work?

Unlike the real hoverboard, inspired by the floating table of the films Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III, these devices have two wheels and a gyroscope to maintain balance, but not a steering knob like their predecessors the Segway. To stay balanced, the movement of the board with the feet is controlled. He leans forward pressing with his toes to move forward. To back up, lean backward with your heels. To cross, on the right, it leans forward with the left foot and backward with the right foot. Internally, the board has a motor on each wheel and sensors to detect forward or backward support. This information is sent to a controller who sends orders to the gyroscope and the motors, which translates into a balanced movement.

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Important Note:

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Hoverboard Price in Pakistan with full specs:

PRICE:                                                   Hoverboard price in Pakistan is Rs 15,999.


  • Max Load Weight                        220.5 lbs
  • Features                                      0° turning radius, 30° climbing
  • Product Type                               self-balancing scooter
  • Manufacturer                               Hoverzon


  • Color                                           garnet
  • Product Material                         acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)


  • Width                                          23 in
  • Depth                                         7 in
  • Height                                        4 in
  • Weight                                        22.05 lbs


  • Wheels Qty                                   2


  • Packaged Quantity                     1
  • Brand                                          Hoverzon
  • Model                                          S
  • Product Line                               Hoverzon


  • Manufacturer                             Hoverzon

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that Hoverboard Price in Pakistan is 100% true. Always visit your local shops for exact prices.

hoverboard price in

Advantages and disadvantages of Hoverboard

Hoverboard (self-balancing scooter) Advantages:

  • Substitute for bikes, motorcycles, cars, etc.
  • Fun to ride
  • will entertain you, rather than electronics
  • Hoverboards get you places quicker
  •  price lots of cash, however, is basically worthwhile

Hoverboard (self-balancing scooter) Defects:

  • In December 2015, a 15-year-old boy was hit by a bus after falling off a balanced board. A witness indicated that the young man did not seem safe in the use of the board and ended up moving until he crossed the bus.6
  • As for batteries, there have been problems of combustion in tables stored in warehouses and houses, which is why several airlines have prohibited the transportation of these devices by plane. The problem occurs due to improper packing of the batteries.7
  • The online store in the United Kingdom removed the self-balanced tables from its catalog, encourages its customers to take the purchased tables to recycling points and proposes to reimburse them.

For further understanding please watch the video about Hoverboard Price in Pakistan:

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